Wine Tours of the Bickley Valley

Paradise for Food and Wine Lovers


The Bickley Valley is a great place for wine lovers, cider lovers, food lovers and lovers of beautiful scenery.


If you take a drive up in the Bickley Valley you could spend the whole day enjoying all that the Valley has to offer, regardless of whether you are in a small group, with the family or own your own.




Peace and Quiet


Unlike the Swan Valley there aren't lots of tour buses driving around and you won't come across groups of loud hens or bucks parties. The owners of the vineyards suggest that they would like to keep it that way.




Public and Private Tours


One widely recommended tour company does however run regular public and private up-market tours to the Bickley Valley region. They are called 'Explore Tours Perth' and you can visit their website by clicking here, or call them on 1300 135 752 to enquire about their Food, Wine and Cider Tours to the Bickley Valley.